Wednesday, October 7, 2009

and.....I am back!

Vacation is over (or not vacation, but rather an absense....but let's call it vacation, lol!)

My tastes have not changed that much - I am still facinated with entrelac and modular knitting...and now I am also facinated with Flickr...

My absolute awe and amazement on some of the entrelac I found there:

Well, don't just roll your eyes to go "WTF"?!!!!!! yet

Here is what this is:

And if you still are not seeing what this is...look closely - this is entrelac hound's-tooth check pattern in making! See the possibilities?!

And off I go then to think about this a bit!

And just to illustrate that I have not been procrastinating ALL this time - here is one of the latest entrelac explorations of mine:

1 comment:

Yarnover said...

That is one cute entrelac project (and the model is cute as well)!

Thank you for noticing my entrelac explorations. The last year has been sort of a sabbatical spent on entrelac for me.

(I found out about your posting through a google blog search alert I have going.)