Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cat scarf

I was looking for this for a whiiiiiiiile....long while. I have seen pictures of it - but I was not able to find the description, detailed description...and today I found it in Russian and in English!

I promise to post pictures after I make one!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

and.....I am back!

Vacation is over (or not vacation, but rather an absense....but let's call it vacation, lol!)

My tastes have not changed that much - I am still facinated with entrelac and modular knitting...and now I am also facinated with Flickr...

My absolute awe and amazement on some of the entrelac I found there:

Well, don't just roll your eyes to go "WTF"?!!!!!! yet

Here is what this is:

And if you still are not seeing what this is...look closely - this is entrelac hound's-tooth check pattern in making! See the possibilities?!

And off I go then to think about this a bit!

And just to illustrate that I have not been procrastinating ALL this time - here is one of the latest entrelac explorations of mine:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bragging =)

So I am going to brag. I have to say - when somebody sends me a picture of my work that a kid wears - I just are a few....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The ravings of GG - The Gadget Girl

Is what I used to be called a few years ago, because of my everlasting love for the newest and coolest of all gadgets...I was one of FIRST to get the clear "see-through" Palm Pilot (it was unbelievably cute, together with same "clear" Scrabble Swatch), and then I had the FIRST Tungsten, FIRST Ipod - and all generations of it since, all the coolest and best headsets and everything else remotely getting to the market, including ultra useful and cool Nokia phones (E62, N92 and then N95....)....

That was until I mean Iphone. I instantly realized its usefullness - it's a browser, a player for ALL, and it is simply the best "bundle-it-all" gadget I ever used. And then came the quest for...

Perfect case. There is no such thing, as experience shows. The most beautiful cases are Vaja. They are also ones you really have to wait for, expensive...and their clip is just useless. Rubber cases are ugly....skins are useless. So my IPhone is "caseless".

Today I saw an article on a detachable lens for Iphone - and I think this would make the HOTTEST gift!

So I ordered them! all three (of course). At least I am set with gifts to all of my "IPhonobics" (wow, I just made up another word.....the benefits of not knowing the proper way to speak the language, I guess).

This also has been the CHEAP way to "fuel" my obsession with gadgets......which is also a benefit!

Monday, December 29, 2008

ONLY in New York

So I was walking to work. As usual - through Rockefeller. Which never seizes to surprise me - with new "strange" installations of artwork, or just its art-decoish glory....and then I saw ....

YES IT WAS A CAMEL. In the midst of Manhattan's midtown....walking "casually".

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Obseessed. With swirls.

So I am OBSESSED with swirls - for some reason this particular pattern design has became my inspiration for EVERYTHING! from scarves to gloves....

So I found this gorgeous pattern....

and that's what came out of it:

So here is the lesson of the story....anything may trigger one's imagination - it just has to CLICK!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

New York, oooooooooooooooo New York

it just moves. moves on. moves around. moves always. moves beside you. moves over you. changes. rapidly. are you a part of it? or do you not matter to it? or is IT a part of you?....just some night photography of this city...of lights, tourists, of everything there is as if you can not find it in New York it probably does not exist.

Eternal city on fire...